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Colin Yearwood

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” — Zig Ziglar

Hello, my name is Colin Yearwood.

I have been marketing online for the last 17 years. My first online venture was selling toys on eBay.

Since 2008, I has been providing online marketing training for business owners.

I’m a goal-oriented professional, who have held a variety of roles within a wide range of industries.

With my diverse, professional background, I have developed a broad skill-set; which allows me to add immediate value to most organizations.

Through my current role with “Learn it, Do it, Profit” as a Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant; I have demonstrated success in improving performance and brand awareness. I have done this, by creating and executing online marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

I’ve also been able to provide over 50 training webinars and workshops to business owners who are seeking new skills in marketing and business development.

I enjoy using metric to drive decisions and improve performance.

In addition to my skills and work experience, I am highly creative and thrive in deadline-driven environments.

I maintain the ability to engage well with the target market, increasing sales and delivering consistent results.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset and am always focused on getting results.


How to Use Local Meetups to Build an Audience

I was unsatisfied with the limited connection I was experiencing with people who simply visited my website or joined my email list, so I decided that he wanted something more.

In this interview, I shared my best tips for building an online business using offline meetups.

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How to Get Clients Using Twitter as a Newbie

I love the human interaction side of having an online business. It’s all about having conversations, building relationships, and helping people achieve their business goals.

In this interview, I shared how to use twitter to build relationships, and make sales on Twitter.

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Overcome Fear and Build Relationships That Will Grow Your Business.

In this interview I talk about how networking and overcoming the fear of putting  yourself will help you grow your business.

Fear is  holds you back from pursuing their passions and business.

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Digital Marketing Trainer/Consultant 

  • Develops Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy.
  • Content strategy development and implementation.
  • Leads 4-week online coaching programs with small business owners.
  • Have facilitated over 50 Online Marketing Webinars and Workshops.
  • Create online marketing courses and training material.
  • Conduct digital marketing strategy sessions with online and offline businesses.
  • Search Engine and Landing Page Optimization.
  • Google Analytics Reporting and building of marketing funnel.
  • Community Management.
  • WordPress Implementation.
  • Pay-per-click and email marketing.

Rebate Analyst  

  • Audited vendor rebate payments to ensure proper compliance.
  • Created and managed vendor sales and purchased statistical data using Access and Excel database.
  • Periodically performed in depth account receivable analysis and reconciled vendor payments.
  • Built and maintained valuable vendor relationships aiding proper resolution of audit discrepancies.

Inventory Analyst 

  • Improved in-stock from 78% to 92% within first year of employment.
  • Developed innovative job aid tool to standardize tracking and resolve any in-stock issues.
  • Established recognition program for inventory analysis based on category’s performance level.
  • Managed inventory for a high volume category consistently achieving or surpassing planned performance and productivity standards in areas such as sales, inventory turns and in-stock while managing budget constraints.
  • Collaborated with Forecast Analyst and Buyers on sales and ordered for over 100 SKUs.
  • Maintain high levels of items featured in weekly ads/seasonal promotions through the timely execution of order placement and effective use of allocation tools.
  • Execution markdowns while maintaining gross margin turns and inventory goals.
  • Developed and implemented new solutions to improving inventory turnover and in-stocks

BUZZEO-PDMA, a Division of Dendrite International, Inc. 
Reconciliation Analyst  

  • Supported organization in providing guidance to the top 100 pharmaceutical companies ensuring compliance with FDA policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluated and reconciled variances by utilizing sales representatives’ physical inventories, drug sample documentation and data, shipping errors, sample receipts errors, field and inventory adjustments.
  • Monitored sampling activities, tracked shipments and performed monthly product reconciliation while advising sales representatives of PDMA regulations.

Receiving/Inventory Control Manager

  • Consistently achieved top notch presentation, adequate replenishment and effective merchandising.
  • Hired and supervised a competent staff within the Receiving Department.
  • Proactively verified and cross checked accuracy of the Pricing and Signing program.
  • Managed receipt, allocation and accounting for an inventory of $6M and $45M in annual sales.
  • Coordinated and facilitated the monthly and annual cycle inventory process.
  • Effectively managed the damaged and defective program for timely vendor returns.
  • Ensured all members received fast, courteous and friendly service throughout the club.
  • Monitored stock level status and rotated and replenished products as needed.

Asset Protection Manager  

  • Reduced bad checks by 14%. Used the CCTV system to review and follow-up on asset
  • protection investigations and prepare security reports.
  • Managed a team of 7 employees.
  • Reorganized the Asset Protection Department and managed high shrink merchandise program.
  • Conducted safety inspections and enforced safety policies and procedures.

Weill Cornell Medical College
Accounts Receivable Supervisor

  • Managed a five-person billing team and reviewed/monitored collection activity for 4,000 accounts
  • Conducted analysis of payment patterns
  • Prepared collections reports for senior management
  • Maintained current statistical information trends related to ICD-9 and CPT coding issues
  • Trained staff in job tasks, use of billing system, and all related software
  • Served as liaison between various departments, physicians, patients and collection agencies
  • Received numerous promotions, merit increases and bonuses throughout tenure at Cornell
  • As Supervisor, reduced the department’s AR by 30% for 1996 and by 12% or more each year thereafter
  • Developed and implemented policies to maximize reimbursements

City University of New York New York, NY
Associate of Applied Science, Business Administration

Technical Skills

PPC Advertising

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook

Email Marketing

  • Get Response
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp

Social Media Tools

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Hootsuite
  • Bufferapp



Webinar Software

  • Goto Webinar
  • Google Hangout

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics

 Technical Skills 

  • CSS
  • Studying for A+ Certification


  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook


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